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McCain mocks Cruz claim on guns

Running for president in New Hampshire over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz told a group of gun owners he's "pressing" Sen. John McCain to convene hearings on whether soldiers should be allowed to carry concealed guns on military bases. "I was fascinated to hear that because I haven't heard a thing about it from him.

04/20/2015 08:56 PM

Chicago defensive gun use refutes 'gun safety advocate' contentions

An Uber driver with a concealed carry permit, something self-designated "common sense gun safety law" advocates fought tooth and nail, saved a crowd of people on a Chicago street after a criminal opened fire on them by shooting the assailant, The Chicago Tribune reported Monday . Per the Assistant State Attorney, no charges will be filed, because the driver acted lawfully "in the defense of himself and others."

04/20/2015 08:56 PM

Sheriff's association opposes concealed carry legislation

Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin, chairman of the Buckeye Sheriff's Association's committee to review concealed carry legislation, has two 100-page-plus Ohio House of Represenative bills on his desk for review. Both bills want to drop the mandatory process for permission to carry a concealed firearm.

04/20/2015 05:46 PM

Concealed-carry advocates in Iowa wait for Senate bill

Siouxland gun advocates say a proposed U.S. Senate bill requiring states to honor all concealed-carry permits would ease the anxiety of travelers who carry firearms. Paul Barrett, the owner of a Sioux City gun store, said the bill would help people who are not familiar with concealed-carry laws in other states.

04/20/2015 04:42 PM

Pew: Americans Resist Gun Control

On April 17, Pew Research published an analysis on the shift in public opinion whereby a clear majority of Americans support gun rights over gun control for the first time in more 20 years. Part of this analysis focuses on how the media has reported - and perhaps over-reported - crime in order to frighten Americans into supporting more government intervention via gun control.

04/20/2015 03:42 PM

Trussville amends firearms discharge ordinance

The Trussville City Council last week voted unanimously to approve an amendment to its firearms discharge ordinance to accommodate an indoor firing range. Part of the ordinance now reads, "No person shall discharge, shoot or fire any gun, firearm, air rifle, air pistol or similar device propelling or discharging pellets, shot, darts or any other projectile except in self-defense or by special permit from the city council, or unless exempted elsewhere in this article or as otherwise permitted or authorized by law.

04/20/2015 02:42 PM

Ted Cruz: Give Soldiers Right to Carry Guns on Military Bases

During a campaign stop in famously independent New Hampshire on Sunday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz trumpeted his support for guns, telling a crowd that he's "pressing" for the Senate Armed Services Committee to hold hearings to consider allowing soldiers to carry their personal concealed firearms on military bases, Politico reports. "I think it's very important to have a public discussion about why we're denying our soldiers the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights," Cruz told a crowd of 120 gun owners at a hunting club in the town of Litchfield.

04/20/2015 10:42 AM

Concealed Carrying Chicago Uber Driver Defends Group Of Pedestrians Against Wild Gunman

An Uber driver in Chicago with a concealed carry license defended himself and a group of pedestrians against a man who opened fire on a crowded street Friday night, a state attorney said in court on Sunday. Assistant State Attorney Barry Quinn said that 22-year-old Everardo Custodio began shooting at a group of pedestrians shortly before midnight Friday, the Chicago Tribune reported .

04/20/2015 06:37 AM

Cruz touts Second Amendment record

Appealing to New Hampshire's powerful gun culture, Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday that he's "pressing" Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain to hold hearings on whether soldiers should be allowed to carry their own concealed firearms onto military bases. "I am very concerned about that policy," the Texas senator told 120 gun owners at a hunting club here, before taking a trip to a firing range for some target practice.

04/20/2015 02:33 AM

Sheriff to lawmakers: I refuse to enforce your new gun control law

The sheriff of Linn County sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden informing him he will not enforce any gun laws he deems unconstitutional. In a letter dated Jan. 14 and sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington D.C., Linn County Sheriff Tim... Joining his colleagues throught the United States refusing to enforcing laws they believe are unconstitutional or frivolous, Oregon's Josephine County sheriff's department will not enforce a new state law that mandates firearms purchasers to undergo background checks for private sales, according to sources in Oregon on Tuesday.

04/19/2015 10:08 PM

Speer aims for shooting range

DEMING >> Driven by a love of firearms and increasing the local quality of life, Luna County's new Shooting Range Exploration Committee has started working on plans to build a comprehensive shooting range capable of hosting individual shooters and large competitions. Kevin Speer, a local competitive shooter, was selected as chairman of the committee during its first meeting held in March.

04/19/2015 06:09 PM

'Dysfunctional' gun controls exposed

Criminals can easily buy guns and ammunition because police do not have the legally required systems to keep track of who purchases them, industry insiders said. "One of the requirements of the Firearms Control Act is that all sales of ammunition must be electronically recorded for police to pick up any unusual patterns.

04/19/2015 05:09 PM

Texas open carry: Texas to approve open carry of handguns, law sparks gun debate

Federal Judge Reed O'Connor sided with Open Carry, saying the fact that their tactics may cause some people to be "uncomfortable" is not reason enough to limit "free speech rights." Texas open carry of firearms is about to become a ruling in the Lone Star state protected under law.

04/19/2015 12:59 PM

Tim McGraw trashed for playing Sandy Hook concert

Tim McGraw trashed for playing Sandy Hook concert Tim McGraw slammed by gun-rights advocates for headlining Sandy Hook charity concert. Check out this story on HARTFORD, Conn.

04/19/2015 09:00 AM

'Open Carry' in Texas Lone Star State nears landmark handgun law

FILE: A man in Oklahoma wears an unconcealed side arm. The Texas House of Representatives on Friday voted 96-35 to allow residents with concealed-handgun licenses to openly carry their guns in public in holsters.

04/19/2015 05:00 AM

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