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Eagerly Anticipated Guns From SHOT Show

There wasn't a bumper crop of new defense guns introduced at SHOT Show this year, for sure, but some will definitely sell in the personal-defense market. Some major makers, notably Springfield Armory and Smith & Wesson, confined themselves to variations on existing themes this year: good new stuff, but no game-changers.

03/30/2015 03:13 PM

HEBERT: Big loss on gun control for Quebec, with a silver lining

"That the Harper government deliberately sought to obstruct Quebec's plan to continue to require long-gun owners to register their weapons by refusing to hand the province the federal data is not in question," writes Chantal HA©bert. "There was no other federal rationale for insisting on having the files destroyed than raw politics."

03/30/2015 01:07 PM

Guns on America's Craziest College Campuses Looking More Likely

Florida and Texas, famed for being the two most levelheaded and reasonable states in America, may soon allow college kids to carry concealed guns on campus. Inside Higher Ed today brings an update on the status of the never-ending and inexplicable quest of gun people to ensure that guns are allowed on college campuses across America.

03/30/2015 11:00 AM

Montgomery County's next Citizen Academy slated for August

The police department says the next academy will begin Aug. 18 and will be held on Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for 15 weeks. The training will cover topics including firearm safety, traffic law and drug identification.

03/30/2015 09:59 AM

EDITORIAL: Final open-carry bill must have basic safeguards

Just as everyone expected, open-carry legislation is sailing through the state House and Senate this session.

03/30/2015 05:48 AM

Haters of Self-Defense Face Unrelenting Defeat Everywhere

Opponents of the Second Amendment and haters of self-defense are facing a relentless barrage of pro-Second Amendment and pro-self-defense legislation in state legislatures across the country. It is as if the GOP took a page out of the Democrats' book-improved, then applied it-so that just as the Democrats flooded legislatures with gun control measures in early 2013, Republicans are now flooding legislatures with bills broadening the exercise of Second Amendment rights and protecting the use of firearms for self-defense.

03/30/2015 01:42 AM

Worcester doctors lead push to target gun 'gag laws'

From left, Dr. Michael P. Hirsh of UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center, and Patrick Lowe, third-year medical student at UMass Medical School. Do you smoke? How much alcohol do you drink a week? Do you use a seat belt? These are questions that physicians routinely ask their patients.

03/29/2015 09:37 PM

Population increases cited in rise in gun permits

But the number of applications on the Garden Isle increased for the fourth straight year - although county officials aren't attributing that increase to a gun craze, but rather something that accompanies an uptick in population. "The increases are slight year to year," county spokeswoman Sarah Blane wrote, noting that among the population growth, the county has experienced an increase in the number of imported registrations - individuals with registered firearms who moved to Kauai - while the island itself has added sporting retail options.

03/29/2015 01:18 PM

Lowell gun-permit rate low among similar cities

The city issued gun permits last year at a per-capita rate that fell in the lower four-fifths of similar cities across the state, according to state firearms data. Lowell's firearm permitting policy has been called into question by a group of residents, and was the subject of a lawsuit filed earlier this month.

03/29/2015 09:03 AM

Figures Fudged? Fbi may be skewing gun crime reports, experts say

Dec. 14, 2012: In this file photo provided by the Newtown Bee, a police officer leads two women and a child from Sandy Hook Elementary School. Crime stats published by the FBI and relied upon by the media distort the gun violence and leave the public with the impression "mass shooting" incidents are a much bigger threat than they really are, according to a criminologist and Second Amendment scholar.

03/29/2015 04:48 AM

Greenwich Rallies for Gun Safety and Team 26 Cyclists

The Team 26 cyclists left Newtown for Washington on Saturday where they will lobby for gun reform in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. More than 100 people came out to support Team 26 - the dedicated group of cyclists who stopped in Greenwich on Saturday as part of their 400-mile ride to Washington, DC where they hope to garner Congressional support for stricter gun safety laws including background checks for gun permit applicants and a ban on large capacity gun magazines.

03/29/2015 12:44 AM

Sheriff offers online gun-permit applications

Sheriff Hans Miller said a new site -, which is operated by a contractor - replaces previous requirements of filing paper applications at his office in downtown Jacksonville.

03/28/2015 08:29 PM

Oregon Could be Eighth State with Brady Background Checks on All Gun Sales

States with expanded Brady background checks see 46% fewer women murdered with guns by intimate partners; 48% fewer law enforced officers killed by guns; and 48% fewer gun-related suicides, according to a recent report by Everytown for Gun Safety. The new report highlights the success of Brady background checks in preventing dangerous people from getting guns.

03/28/2015 04:15 PM

Public hearing on state shooting range rules April 23

MONTPELIER >> The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says it wants to strengthen rules for public shooting ranges to address noise, safety and usage issues so that more ranges can be developed for the public. The public may weigh in on the proposal at a public hearing on April 23 at the Pavilion Auditorium in Montpelier from 6:30-8:30 p.m. A public informational meeting also will be held on April 29 at the Hartland Recreational Center from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The proposed changes would prohibit firing more than six rounds per magazine and prohibit the use of any fireworks, pyrotechnics, or any other explosive targets.

03/28/2015 12:05 PM

Do Gun Owners Need An App To Tell Them Where Anti-Gun-Violence Activists Live?

On Thursday morning, a handful of anti-gun-violence activists realized there is an app in the Google Play Store with their names on it-literally. The app, Gunfree Geo Marker, features a map pinpointing the home and work addresses of politicians, gun control organization employees, and "random anti-gun trolls" who "push the anti-gun agenda in any way, shape or form."

03/28/2015 03:36 AM

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