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Hitting 'enter' to pull the triggerJuly 22nd | 0

The Surry County Board of Commissioners gave a nod Monday night to a proposal proffered by Sheriff Graham Atkinson that will allow county residents to apply for gun permits online.

07/23/2014 06:14 AM

Panel clears indoor shooting ranges

The Rules & Ordinances Committee Tuesday night approved a conditional use clause to ordinances permitting indoor shooting ranges in residential zones.

07/23/2014 02:10 AM

Beretta to move gun production from Maryland

Beretta U.S.A., the American arm of the iconic Italian firearm maker, said Tuesday that it would move all of its U.S. manufacturing activities from Prince George's County to Tennessee in response to the gun control law the Maryland General Assembly passed last year.

07/23/2014 01:10 AM

Gun Control Propganda Stunt Misses Target

A suspicious incident that occurred recently at the Seattle offices of the League of Women Voters is now being exploited by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility , the group behind Initiative 594 to gain support and raise funds for its gun control campaign, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is challenging the ... (more)

07/22/2014 11:00 PM

Gun Safety Activists Rally At Statehouse

Police chiefs and gun safety activists are pressing state lawmakers to give the chiefs discretion over issuing firearms identification cards needed to buy rifles or shotguns.

07/22/2014 06:50 PM

Town Council candidate profile: Jason Cvancara

Candidate Cvancara relishes role as protector Jason Cvancara, candidate for Gilbert Town Council, touts military and police experience.

07/22/2014 06:50 PM

First and Second Amendment Win in Arlington

The first and second amendments of the Bill of Rights are essential for supporting each other.

07/22/2014 06:50 PM

Boys Nation parties nominate president, vice president candidates

Casting multiple ballots on the evening of July 21, the Federalist and Nationalist parties of The American Legion's Boys Nation chose their candidates to run in the upcoming election for Boys Nation president and vice president this evening.

07/22/2014 02:45 PM

Bloomberg's Illinois Proxy's Anti-Gun Manifesto; Proposes to Ban Cartoon Characters

The name of U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly headlines the Kelly Report , a new manifesto identifying a long list of gun control initiatives that anti-gun activists intend to pursue in the near future.

07/22/2014 10:36 AM

Seven states still do not require reporting

Coastal Flood Advisory issued July 21 at 2:57PM EDT expiring July 22 at 6:00AM EDT in effect for: Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Baltimore City "I felt like I got kicked as hard as I have ever been kicked in my life above my left knee," Goddard said.

07/22/2014 06:26 AM

Christie responds to gun-control supporters in Conn.

Gov. Christie was greeted by fans as he breezed through a diner with a Republican gubernatorial candidate Monday night in this wealthy suburb of New York City, where he pledged to devote the resources of the Republican Governors Association to unseating Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy this fall.

07/22/2014 02:11 AM

Rolling Stone 'gun lover' shows curious interpretation of Second Amendment

It's fair to say Rolling Stone is not only notoriously anti-gun, but also representative of a "progressive" mindset that, true to the " Every Day is Opposite Day " maxim, is anything but.

07/21/2014 10:01 PM

Gun Control Success

SALISBURY, Md.- Early indications show that Maryland's gun control law has been successful.

07/21/2014 08:56 PM

Ruger LC9: Carries Well, Shoots Well

Sometimes smaller guns make the Concealed Carry Favorites list because even though they're more difficult to shoot, they're at least small and easy to conceal.

07/21/2014 07:52 PM

Pratt's position on 2nd Amd and politicians' fear is only morally defensible one

As National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea noted Friday , rabidly anti-gun Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney wants Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt "investigated," for remarks Pratt made in an interview for still another anti-gun hit piece in Rolling Stone magazine.

07/21/2014 04:47 PM

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