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Why don't we treat guns the same way we treat cars?

There was another mass shooting incident last week. I realize as I write these words that it doesn't really matter when I'm writing them or, for that matter, when they are published, as they are undoubtedly true; this country seems to suffer a mass shooting incident every time you turn around.

07/28/2015 10:13 PM

Shooting Range Grant recipients announced

Seven public and three private shooting ranges will receive a combined total of $803,822.25 in grant funding this year through the Shooting Range Grant Program. The recipients were notified on July 3, 2015.

07/28/2015 05:59 PM

After Chattanooga Shooting, One of the Country's Largest States ...

Officials in Florida are vowing to expedite concealed carry permits for active duty military personnel and veterans, weeks after a gunman opened fire on two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, killing four Marines and one sailor. The move was announced Monday amid a heated national debate on whether service members should be allowed to carry guns to protect themselves if another similar tragedy ever occurs, Florida Today reported .

07/28/2015 01:54 PM

How Tighter Gun Restrictions For The Mentally Ill May Have Prevented The Latest Mass Shooting

Residents and business owners put out signs for the prayers for the victims of a deadly shooting at the Grand 16 theater, Friday, July 24, 2015, in Lafayette, La. John Russell Houser stood up about 20 minutes into Thursday night's showing of "Trainwreck" and fired on the audience with a semi-automatic handgun.

07/28/2015 01:54 PM

Lawmakers push to arm military personnel in Minnesota

Some state lawmakers want all military personnel in Minnesota to carry concealed weapons, without the need to get gun permits from the state. It's a response to the attacks on an armed forces recruiting office and a naval reserve center in Chattanooga, TN on July 16, that claimed the lives of four marines and one sailor.

07/28/2015 09:44 AM

Davis on Guns

An Illinois Congressman says more focus needs to be given to mental health now that another shooting has occurred at another movie theater. Rep. Rodney Davis says he's been wanting a comprehensive discussion on all aspects of gun ownership every since the Newtown shootings, but believes President Obama didn't go far enough.

07/28/2015 05:38 AM

Uber would rather see its own drivers choked to death, carjacked and...

It is getting more and more difficult to be an American who cherishes constitutional rights in an age where pop culture and the media dismiss them - well, at least some of them - in such cavalier fashion. The First Amendment is "okay" as long as you're saying something or expressing something that has been "approved" by the PC Police.

07/28/2015 01:31 AM

Shooting Industry Masters Charity Auction: Springfield Armory XD Mod 2.45 ACP

From Springfield Armory's website: The XDA Mod.2a is the refinement of a classic, a distillation of greatness. Those things that made the XDA what it is remain and are amplified, revised or improved in order to bring you the next step in the evolution of the polymer framed pistol.

07/28/2015 01:31 AM

Was Rick Perry right on guns at the movies?

Philip Holloway, a CNN legal analyst, is a criminal defense lawyer who heads his own firm in Cobb County, Georgia. A former prosecutor and adjunct professor of criminal justice, he is former president of the Cobb County Bar Association's criminal law section.

07/27/2015 11:26 PM

No Guns for Social Security Recipients?

The Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday that the Obama administration is pushing a plan to submit the names of up 4.2 million recipients of Social Security benefits to the FBI's National Instant Check System, or NICS, the massive database used for criminal background checks on gun buyers. Only "prohibited persons," those for whom possession of firearms and ammunition is illegal under the Gun Control Act, are included in the NICS database.

07/27/2015 10:21 PM

Bill Press: Nation of cowards on guns

What do they all have in common? Only one thing: mass shootings. In each of those cities, and too many more, innocent people were mowed down by a man - in each case, a man - who had no business owning a gun.

07/27/2015 07:05 PM

Senator Manchin: - Use The Weight Of The Government' For Better Gun Control

During a July 26 appearance on CBS News' Face the Nation , Senator Joe Manchin acknowledged that alleged Lafayette gunman Joe Russell Houser did not do "anything wrong" in the way he acquired his firearm, yet still posited a need to "use the weight of the government" to bring about better gun control. This followed Manchin's claim that he's not pushing gun control but "gun sense" to shut down "loopholesin the background checks."

07/27/2015 05:05 PM

Man With Gun Saves Toddler From Lunatic With 2 Guns

An Ohio concealed carrier who shares the same name as NBA legend Patrick Ewing protected himself and several others - including a 1-year-old - after a 62-year-old man wielding two guns opened fire Sunday night in Cincinnati. The incident began as an argument between the assailant, Thomas McCary, and a woman, according to Cincinnati's Fox19 .

07/27/2015 04:06 PM

Blacks And Hispanics Are Lining Up For Their Concealed Carry Permits In Chicago | Matt Vespa

The Land of Lincoln was the last state to recognize concealed carry right in July of 2013 after the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state's law banning the carrying of firearms in public was unconstitutional in December of 2012. In January of 2014 , the law allowing for concealed carry went into effect, and Chicago saw the lowest murder rate since 1958 .

07/27/2015 03:05 PM

Rick Perry vs. Bernie Sanders: More guns in movie theaters?

The recent shootings mean that the 2016 candidates are coming out with clearer positions on guns and gun control. How important is that to choosing a president? A police officer controls entry into a movie theatre where a man shot and killed filmgoers Thursday night in Lafayette, La.

07/27/2015 02:00 PM

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