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Renewed calls for gun control laws spurring gun sales

Renewed calls for more restrictive gun laws, following a succession of fatal shootings in the U.S., immediately appear to be generating a lucrative boost for the gun industry. Newly released August Renewed calls for gun control laws spurring gun sales WASHINGTON-Renewed calls for more restrictive gun laws, following a succession of fatal shootings in the U.S., immediately appear to be generating a lucrative boost for the gun industry.

09/04/2015 06:54 PM

Concealed Carry Driver Opens Fire on Motorcycle Robbers ~ Video

Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family. "We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day," says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation Most times you won't see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media's story line of " Guns and Gun Owners are Bad ".

09/04/2015 06:37 AM

Keenan: Late journalist's parents vow to bring change

Keenan: Late journalist's parents vow to bring change Virginia TV reporter Alison Parker's parents are determined to set a course toward meaningful gun control Check out this story on Andy Parker, father of Alison Parker, is comforted by a family member of Parker's boyfriend and colleague, Chris Hurst, after an interfaith service. Another day, another mass shooting, another set of parents vow to stop the insanity, and the most heavily armed civilian population in the world figures this, too, shall pass.

09/03/2015 10:03 PM

Wisconsin measure would crack down on armed criminals

Wisconsin state lawmakers are reportedly considering a measure that would crack down on armed criminals as Milwaukee's body count alone is now above 100, according to a Wednesday report by WUWM, and that seems smarter than proposing more gun control laws, since a new Chicago study confirms what gun rights advocates have said for years: Few criminals get guns from stores or gun shows. The Chicago survey reflects what a study done for the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed 15 years ago.

09/03/2015 05:49 PM

Armed American Radio Network 2015 Summer/Fall Live Broadcast Tour Begins

National Radio Host Mark Walters kicks off the 2015 Armed American Radio Network Summer/Fall Live Broadcast Tour with live radio broadcasts from various locations across the country. Beginning this week Mark will bring live national programming from the following cities: Host Mark Walters said, "Touring like this is a huge part of what makes the weekend program and the daily show so much fun and such an important voice for gun owners.

09/03/2015 01:33 PM

Guns on campus policy to be debated

Two members of the Florida Legislature have filed proposals that will bring back the debate about whether guns can be brought to universities and in public schools. Senator Greg Evers, chairman of the Criminal Justice Committee, and Representative Greg Steube, both Republicans, submitted the bills for the 2016 legislative session, about a year after similar bills became stuck in their respective committees.

09/03/2015 09:17 AM

Virginia murders, medical pot and Trump: Rant

William McKinley, 25th President of the United States. He was inaugurated in 1897, and again in 1901 just prior to being assassinated on Sept.

09/03/2015 05:05 AM

Hawaii Police Destroy $575,000 Worth Of Guns To Keep Them Off Street

The Honolulu Police Department has come under fire from Second Amendment advocates over its recent decision to destroy old police service weapons rather than offer them for sale to the public. The department retired approximately 2,300 Smith & Wesson 9 mm handguns -- worth about $575,000 -- and replaced them with the Glock 17 model.

09/03/2015 12:47 AM

Rick Santorum visits college, fires gun at Upstate shooting range

The town hall meeting was organized by sophomore Kendall McCarty. He said his goal was to encourage students to be more engaged in how political decisions could affect their lives.

09/02/2015 08:35 PM

Online Gun Sales: E-Commerce Terms that Work, and Keep the Seller Safe

Firearms sales continue their upward trend, with National Instant Criminal Background Check System checks indicating that 2014 sales of firearms in the United States exceeded 2012 numbers, and fell just short of 2013's record numbers. At the same time, new sellers continue to enter the market, making sales for individual companies all the more challenging.

09/02/2015 05:30 PM

Gun control groups accused of - swatting' open-carry permitholders, putting lives at risk

Second Amendment groups are accusing the gun control lobby of putting law-abiding owners of firearms in danger by urging people to call the police on anyone carrying a gun in public. As more states relax rules about open-carrying of guns, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has taken to social media to urge the public to assume gun-toters are trouble, and to call the cops on anyone they feel may be a threat.

09/02/2015 01:17 PM

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Even the murder of children is a bearablea

GRIEVING PARENTS: Andy and Barbara Parker mourn the loss of their daughter, Alison Parker, who was shot to death along with cameraman Adam Ward during a live broadcast. You frequently find fortune-cookie aphorisms, yes, but it's not often that you find searing insight within Twitter's 140-character confines.

09/02/2015 08:51 AM

Farmers Branch council shoots down plan for gun range near school

Farmers Branch City Council members struck down a proposal to convert an unused building near a private school into a gun range late Tuesday. About 400 people showed up at City Hall - most dressed in Westwood School green - as the council considered a special-use permit that would have allowed the Texas Legends gun store and range near Spring Valley and Midway roads.

09/02/2015 04:45 AM

Gun rights kill gun safety every time

Some of the153 guns seized in Brooklyn between May and December 2014 are put on display as the NYPD announce results of a firearms trafficking investigation on Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014 Photo Credit: Uli Seit Lori Rodriguez wants her guns. The city of San Jose wants to keep its citizens safe.

09/02/2015 12:19 AM

Gun Control Shills Won't Let Roanoke Journalists' Murders Go To Waste

Within a few hours of the tragic shooting Wednesday that killed journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward, politicians and gun control advocates were calling for more gun control. Even the reporter's grieving father, Andrew Parker, got drawn into the gun control debate.

09/01/2015 08:07 PM

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