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Goldman Sachs To Launch Crypto Trading Operation This Month After Bitcoin’s Big Surge
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

Banking powerhouse Goldman Sachs is setting up a cryptocurrency trading desk after backing away from a previous effort to enter the market after bitcoin crashed in 2018, making it the latest ...

Bitcoin rises 8% to $48,861.48
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

Bitcoin rose 8 % to $48,861.48 on Monday, adding $3,620.52 to its previous close. Bitcoin, the world's biggest and best-known cryptocurrency, has risen 76.2% from the year's low of $27,734 on Jan. 4 ...

Goldman Sachs restarts cryptocurrency trading and will begin dealing bitcoin futures for clients next week, report says
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

The cryptocurrency trading desk will be a part of the US Global Markets division. The bank is also said to be exploring a bitcoin ETF.

'Big Short' investor Michael Burry slams bitcoin as a 'speculative bubble' — and warns a crash is coming
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

Burry compared the boom in bitcoin, electric vehicles, and meme stocks to the dot-com and housing bubbles. He expects "dramatic and painful" declines.

When Ethereum Pulls Back, It’s Time To Attack
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

There might be merit to that claim, but let’s keep an open mind. Ethereum (CCC:ETH-USD) also deserves a place in your crypto portfolio — and you can buy some at a discount, as the price of ...

Ethereum Rival Cardano Is Braced For A Big Week Amid Massive Price Rally
Posted on Sunday February 28, 2021

As the cardano network bobs around a total $40 billion, developers are gearing up for the launch of a major update on Monday—designed to make it into a multi-asset network similar to ...

Ethereum Price Analysis: Bullish marubozu directs ETH buyers to previous support around $1,640
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

Ethereum keeps the month-start run-up while taking the bids near $1,560 during the initial trading on Tuesday. In doing so, the quote prints a ‘bullish marubozu’ candlestick on the daily (D1) chart.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Recovering as Gas Fees Plummet
Posted on Sunday February 28, 2021

On Feb. 28, gas fees on Ethereum fell back to $11.21. This is a considerable drop since gas costs skyrocketed above $38.21 on Feb. 23.

Litecoin Price Forecast: LTC targets $260 as whales go into a buying frenzy
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

LTC bulls have just defended a crucial support level and aim for a significant rebound. A key indicator is on the verge of presenting a strong buy signal for LTC. Litecoin price is still down by 30% ...

Latest Litecoin price and analysis (LTC to USD)
Posted on Sunday February 28, 2021

Litecoin is restablishing itself in a bullish formation following a significant bounce from Sunday's lows of $153, with the week starting well ...

Litecoin Price Prediction: LTC/USD Keeps Bleeding; Can $150 Support Hold the Pressure?
Posted on Sunday February 28, 2021

Litecoin absorbs losses with a sharp drop from the $171 level. All technical levels have become negative in the face of the increased volatility of the crypto. Looking at the chart, it can be seen ...

Should You Invest in Litecoin or Bitcoin?
Posted on Friday February 19, 2021

Investors continue to speculate on the most favorable crypto to invest in as they compare factors such as safety, popularity and efficiency. Satoshi Nakamoto, the programmer who came up with the ...

Petition Asking Amazon to Accept Dogecoin Signed by Almost 100,000 People
Posted on Sunday February 28, 2021

The petition has been online for years but recently resurfaced among members of the meme cryptocurrency's Reddit community.

CoinFlip Lists Dogecoin Across Its Network of 1,800 ATMs Nationwide
Posted on Monday March 01, 2021

CoinFlip, the leading Bitcoin ATM provider in the U.S., announces today that Dogecoin (DOGE) is now listed on its 1,800-terminal network. Dogecoin was first started solely as an internet meme and in ...

Dogecoin hasn't always been a 'fun meme coin'
Posted on Sunday February 28, 2021

Dogecoin might look like a fun meme coin, particularly as its price has absolutely skyrocketed in 2021. But behind the innocent Shiba Inu dog cartoon are some horrific stories. Th ...

Viral Spiral: Dogecoin
Posted on Thursday February 25, 2021

Cryptocurrency, currently dominated by the popular Bitcoin, has recently had a new name come to the forefront: Dogecoin. Inspired by a 2010 meme and considered a “joke cryptocurrency,” Dogecoin has ...

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